Welcome to Power Word: Gold TV!

Just a quick post to welcome you all to Power Word: Gold TV (which you can now find at tv.powerwordgold.net). As some of you may have noticed I've been streaming a lot on twitch.tv/jimyounkin lately. I find it a wonderful way to interact and share information with the gold-making community as well as simply being a helluva lot of fun!

That said, twitch.tv doesn't have the greatest system for displaying recorded livestreams. With that in mind I have created this new sub-section of Power Word: Gold which will serve as a repository for all the recorded livestreams we do. Head past the jump to learn more.

As time goes on I may be adding other livestreamers recordings to Power Word: Gold TV as well as highlighting whats going on in the gold-making livestream community.. Hopefully Power Word: Golf TV will become a great resource for those of us who like the long-format style that livestreaming offers.

If you have any suggestions for Power Word: Gold TV let me know. Also, as with other sub-sections of Power Word: Gold, Power Word: Gold TV has its own unique RSS feed separate from Power Word: Gold. If you would like to be updated when new livestream recordings are posted be sure to subscribe to the Power Word: Gold TV RSS Feed.

As well as posting recorded livestreams I may also be posting general livestream information such as schedules, How-Tos, livestream tutorials and more. Keep an eye out!

Thanks for visiting and let's get ready to STREAM ALL THE THINGS!

Also, I will be adding all previously recorded livestreams as posts over the next few days so expect a flurry of posts until I catch up to "now". I will also be back-dating the blog posts for previous recordings with the date that they were originally livestreamed so if it seems that things are being added from the past, well, they kind of are. *time travel*

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